When Do You Need a Lawyer’s Expertise?

a truck

Trucks are a significant logistics transport in today’s world. In the logistics and delivery industry, they are seen as vital parts of the process. Given their significance, truck drivers and their employers need to follow work safety rules and labor guidelines. But what if there is a labor issue between trucker and employer?

What kind of case would require the aid of a lawyer with labor law expertise in Washington?

Wage Claims

For a very long time, many truck drivers were classified as independent contractors. This gave truck companies the option not to pay their truck drivers overtime, disability and even unemployment insurance.

Truck drivers should know if they are genuine employees or independent contractors for the company. Some truck drivers think the following makes them independent contractors:

1. You only have one employer.

2. Your truck belongs to the employer.

3. The employer deducts maintenance, insurance, and lease payments from your pay.

4. You cannot refuse loads.

These conditions do not make you an independent contractor, but always check your contract with the employer to know your exact employment condition.

Wrongful Termination

Truck companies or employers cannot fire employees for whistleblowing unethical practices, discrimination, or refusal to participate in questionable company activities. If a truck driver was terminated without legal cause, he/she should contact a lawyer to file a case for wrongful termination.

If you are a truck driver in a state like Washington, it’s best to meet a lawyer if you have been terminated wrongfully by the truck company.

Make sure that your lawyer in Los Angeles can help you argue your case. Combine it with photos, videos, and other pieces of evidence that will prove your cause. There are many ways you can fight any company that tries to dismiss or pay you less than you deserve.