Landscaping Fallacies That Need to Be Forgotten

Person sketching a landscaping plan

One of the least-understood industries in the United States is landscaping. Many people tend to have preconceived notions about it. A lot of them are wrong.

Landscaping is a waste of time and money

Studies have already shown how landscaping can increase the resale value of a property. For one, it improves curb appeal. The Cost vs. Value report cited how it provides one of the most substantial returns out of all the remodeling projects. A SunTrust Mortgage survey, meanwhile, highlighted how millennials are choosing homes with yards for their pets.

In real estate, the first impression still matters. A well-manicured yard invites potential homebuyers to come in. Furthermore, landscaping services can improve outdoor living. It’s no longer uncommon for homeowners to make their yard an extension of their homes. They are spending money on putting up kitchens and entertainment areas. Overall, it helps enhance a person’s quality of life.

It involves only plants

There’s no doubt that it involves plants, but that’s not all. Landscaping services in Chanhassen can also include hardscaping. It means adding man-made designs into a piece of land. These can consist of walkways, patios, gazebos, bridges, and fireplaces. They can also introduce water elements, such as ponds or fountains.

Companies can also provide lawn care services and water management. Some of them even specialize in consultations. In other words, landscaping is a broad field.

You need to have a big house and yard to do it

Landscaping services do not discriminate, and you don’t even need to have a yard to take advantage of them. Teams can help you design your outdoor space according to what’s available.

According to IBISWorld, the landscaping market can achieve an annual growth of 4.7% until 2018. By then, it can reach a value of $88 billion. Its success is due to people who stop believing these wrong ideas. Instead, they understand and embrace the benefits of the service.