3 Ideas to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Self-Care Sanctuary

Bathroom with wooden shower wall

Recent trends in interior design have been largely influenced by people’s growing awareness of self-care. Living rooms now have Zen ponds, while bedrooms feature indoor plants and balcony gardens. Bathrooms, in particular, have changed drastically the most. Before, homeowners want elegant, five-star-hotel-like bathrooms. Now, it’s peaceful, spa-like aesthetic they’re aiming for.

If you want to turn your bathroom into a self-care sanctuary, here are some ideas to pull it off:

1. Prioritize negative space

Negative space or a blank corner in your bathroom allows people to rest their eyes and mind. An empty wall is a break from visual clutter — the piles of stuff you see in the house or the multiple devices you check every day.

Leave your walls empty and paint it with only light, neutral colors. White is a timeless choice, but beige is also aesthetically pleasing. Sand & Swirl, Inc. recommends consulting experts who provide bathroom remodeling services. They can help you pick colors that are fit for your self-care preferences.

2. Add texture

Texture refers to the perceived tactile quality of materials used in design elements. For instance, when you see a faux fur rug, you’re able to imagine the feel of it under your feet. Texture helps in setting the mood and could create a self-care atmosphere.

There are plenty of ways to add texture to your bathroom design. You can have a living wall in one corner, which gives your space the comfortable feeling of being with nature. You can also use a sleek, matte bathroom countertop to introduce a soft feel in your place.

3. Tickle the senses right

Sensory overload, or the overstimulation of the senses, is the number one contributor to people’s stress. To have a self-care sanctuary, you should be able to reduce elements that cause this. For instance, if there are loud noises heard from road constructions or your neighborhood, invest in acoustic panels.

If there’s too much clutter in the room distracting your vision, buy smart storage cabinets to hide unsightly stuff. When you’re able to reduce these factors causing sensory overload, work on soothing the senses right. Light up scented candles, invest in mood lighting, and play calm music.

Your bathroom is supposed to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Transform it into a self-care sanctuary with these tips.